UNID Talk: The Career Expo

Host: Vimukthi Gunatilleke Guest: Boris Zwaan

Are you ready for the next step? Looking for a job could be hard when you are finished with your studies. What are the possibilities and what is something you might like? All your questions could be answered when going to the Career Expo 10-11 March 2020!

During the Career Expo 180+ companies present themselves and want to talk with you and discover your skills. There are several activities to enable a good talk. From speed dates till a LinkedIn photography session. It is a unique event!

Even better: the Career Expo is tailored for all TU/e students. This does not mean a non-TU/e student could visit it too, but some activities are TU/e-only.

For more information about the Career Expo, check the Wervingsdagen website.

In this podcast, Vim will talk with Boris Zwaan, the chairman of Wervingsdagen about this year’s edition of the Career Expo!

Have fun listening!

Good luck everyone with the next step in your career!


Produced by: Vimukthi Gunatilleke
Hosted by: Vimukthi Gunatilleke
Edited by: Vimukthi Gunatilleke

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