UNID Talk: Get ready for DemoDay!

Hosts: Yvonne Bruin, Vimukthi Gunatilleke, and Roos Vlaar 

Are you ready for DemoDay? DemoDay is one of the most important days for the Industrial Design students at the TU Eindhoven. This day they show their work, which they have been working on for 16 weeks. During this short podcast, the three hosts will get you de-stressed and ready for DemoDay!

Have fun listening!

Good luck everyone with DemoDay! We believe you can do it!

During DemoDay UNID 39 will be released, same as a new podcast with special guest Stephan Wensveen. Make sure to check it out on the 20th of December. 


Produced and hosted by: Yvonne Bruin, Vimukthi Gunatilleke & Roos Vlaar
Edited by: Roos Vlaar

Image resources: © Twycer / www.twycer.nl

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