UNID Talk: Art or Design, with Anne Jenster and Niek van den Berk

Host: Yvonne Bruin Guests: Anne Jentster & Niek van den Berk

The first podcast of UNID is here! In this series, UNID talk, our guests discuss a topic related to the field of design. In this episode, Anne Jenster and Niek van den Berk (Board members of Lucids Green board) talk about two design/art objects. This podcast will not conclude whether the items are art or design, the goal is to open up the discussion about whether something is art or design.

Have fun listening!

Listened to the podcast or still listening and got some interest in the discussed objects? Did you have a good image in mind? These are the objects discussed:

Puppy – Magis Design

Designed by Eero Aarnio (click here for more info)

Puppy is one of the most iconic products in the Me Too collection of Magis Design. The aim of Eero Aarnio was to capture a dog through children’s eyes. A child sees a dog as a head, a body, and legs. These essentials come to life in a colorful object in a playful way.

This dog chair can be used inside and outdoors. It can be whatever you desire. You can sit on it, use it as a toy, place it as decoration; whatever you wish. It is an object to stimulate creativity and imagination for children.

Van Gogh Cycling Path – Daan Roosegaarde

(click here for more information)

During the darknesses, this cycle path lights up. The light that is received during the day, is emitted during the night. The light parts are laid down as Van Gogh has painted them. You could say that the two artists are meeting and using the best of both worlds. It is an unusual light experience that also has a sustainable edge. On the straight sections of the cycle path, the sparkling stones look like scattered stars in the sky. In the corners, the lights are simulated from Van Gogh’s famous painting Starry Night.

What are your opinions about the objects? 


Produced by: Yvonne Bruin, Anna Merl, Diede van Marle & Roos Vlaar
Hosted by: Yvonne Bruin
Edited by: Jori van der Kolk

Image resources: Diede van Marle 

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