UNID Talk: are you PDP ready?

Host: Yvonne Bruin Guests: Jasmijn Verhoeven, Naomi Mavis Kool

Ever written a Personal Development Plan (PDP) before? Or are you already an expert when it comes to writing down SMART goals? In today’s podcast, Yvonne will be talking with Jasmijn and Naomi about their experiences with writing a PDP. Jasmijn is a bachelor student and Naomi is a master student, both studying at the TU/e. Both of them experienced troubles but also experienced achievements throughout the year. What are their tips and tricks? Did they fail sometimes? What did the PDP bring them? And lots more!

Have fun listening!

Good luck everyone with writing your PDP! We believe you can do it!


Produced by: Yvonne Bruin, Vimukthi Gunatilleke, Diede van Marle & Roos Vlaar
Hosted by: Yvonne Bruin
Edited by: Roos Vlaar

Image resources: Diede van Marle

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