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Team Energy

Do you remember that hot summer of 2019? When all the fans were sold out at the Mediamarkt. Temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius were reached that summer, a record was broken and Eindhoven was one of the hot spots. 

Many saw this as another indication that global warming is really happening, can you imagine palm trees popping up all around Eindhoven? It may sound great (probably look nice as well), but our natural vegetation and the planet might not agree with us. As the generation born in the midst of this global issue and whose future is at stake, we want to make our best efforts to undo and repair the mistakes of the past.

Energy is considered one of, if not the most important pillar of industry and economy, and therefore of invaluable importance to our societies and those developing in the global south. The supply of energy is important. It largely depends on fossil fuels, emitting vast amounts of CO2, amounts beyond nature’s ability to assimilate. This unsustainable process is now the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and is in need of radical change.

By informing, inspiring, and connecting students, professionals, and researchers we believe that we can develop the brightest solutions and ideas. Solving an issue that affects us all can only be done if we work together, so if you want to help then joining Team Energy is what you are looking for! https://www.team-energy.nl/apply/ 

Do you know us already?

You probably already know that innovation space is home to many student teams and WE are one of them. We are Team Energy! Some of you may know us already as some of your fellow students are part of this team, but we want to get to know you and you to get to know us!

Team Energy is a group of enthusiastic, motivated and talented TU/e students interested in the present energy transition. A transition that will require a fundamental reorganization of how we use and generate our energy. Due to the magnitude of this challenge which touches both the technical and societal field, not just awareness and willingness are needed! We also require new creative ideas and smart technical innovations. Are you the designer that can help us?

Team Energy provides students with the knowledge, network and means to engage in the energy transition, to organize events and facilitate initiatives. Team energy consists of many students that all have a role to fulfill in the team and contribute to making the university, the Netherlands and the world a greener place. We are a diverse team having many roles that you could fill. This can be board or you can join one of our committee’s which all have more specific goals within the energy transition.  

We have Team Edu that focuses on educating the younger generation about green energy and sustainability, team café that hosts many seminars and lectures in collaboration with very interesting companies. Maybe you want to organize something bigger? Then we have Energy Now, within this committee you will organize and host one of the biggest green energy congresses in the Dutch Brainport region.  If those options don’t seem interesting to you we also have a brand new committee startup seminar.  During the Startup Seminar, several startups working in the energy transition field will be in the spotlight. Get to know what is happening right now in the Brainport region! 

Energy now 

So you are interested in helping out organizing a big congress about the energy transition?  Then Energy Now is your place to be! Just like the overall goal of team energy we aim to inspire, interest, and connect students, professionals and companies to take action in the transition towards sustainable energy. We want to do this by organizing this great event, it is a perfect one day option to network and learn, all in the context of energy. 

This event creates a bright perspective on the energy transition by focusing on the opportunities it creates in the present rather than in the future. Promising innovations and developments in the field of energy are highlighted from the perspectives of research, academics, companies, and entrepreneurs. The event strengthens the connection between students, business people, and researchers to learn from each other.

Team edu

Team Edu is the educational team within Team Energy. Within this committee we try to reach all the younger generations. These are the kids that will follow in our footsteps and have to take our innovation to the next level. As we try to improve their future, we also need to educate them about the problems, to keep them from repeating the mistakes that were made.

We provide guest lectures on primary- and secondary schools in and around Eindhoven. But we have also been working hard to reach children outside of Eindhoven and are working on an online education platform in collaboration with Codeskillz. Through these guest lectures, we try to reach out to as many children as possible, to inform the future generation about the importance of sustainability and renewable resources. Within the guest lectures, not only information is given, but also discussions and other interactive assignments are part of the lectures. With these interactive sessions, the children need to think about how we can make the world more sustainable and we let them share their opinions. 

This brings us to our main goal, which is to inspire the children and make them inspire each other with their thoughts. We hope they will take the information home and are more aware of sustainability.

So are you interested in joining Team Energy and being a part of the energy transition? Let us know via the website https://www.team-energy.nl or email us at  info@team-energy.nl.

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