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Stephan Wensveen, Director of Education

Host: Jori van der Kolk Guest: Stephan Wensveen

Why did Stephan Wensveen not become a professional surfer? Welcome to the third episode of the UNID.podcast! Jori will talk with Stephan Wensveen, the director of education for Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. Stephan studied Industrial Design at the TU Delft and since 2002 he works at the TU Eindhoven from which the last three years as the program director. During the interview, Stephan and Jori will talk about Stephan his life as an Industrial Designer. Some other topics that will come by are Stephan’s experiences as Director of Education, his research interests and some very important advice for the students. 

Have fun listening!

You can also find Stephan in UNID 39! He will be posing for the centerfold in the magazine! 


Produced by: Yvonne Bruin, Jori van der Kolk, Diede van Marle & Roos Vlaar
Hosted by: Jori van der Kolk
Edited by: Jori van der Kolk

Image resources: Bart Bolluijt

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