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You might have taken a look at the last two pages of the 39th UNID magazine and thought: what am I supposed to do? That’s okay, we recommended six fun (and lesser well known) festivals for you to visit this spring. This web-article will build further on that list for more inspiration!

Festivals we put in the magazine:

This ten day long event is the place to see many exclusive movies and short films. Not only that, Rotterdam changes into a world of movies with many exhibitions, masterclasses and previews of movies that will be released later in the year.

Amsterdam Coffee
Although the name would suggest there is only coffee, this festival will also be the home of tea, chocolate and delicious street food! A cozy atmosphere filed life music and art provides endless possibilities to taste and learn about coffee and the worlds surrounding it.

This breeding ground of European pop music consists of both a showcase festival called Eurosonic, where small band and acts perform at 36 different stages in the city of Groningen and Noorderslag, the pop music festival where the ‘Popprijs’ will be awarded. An awesome event to experience the latest trends in the pop music scene.

Vurige tongen
No event combines art, music and theatre stage performances better with poetry than this event. During the entire day, you will be able to experience everything from spoken word to rap and participate in small workshops, for free!

In this event in Eindhoven many interactive art pieces showcase the harmony of creativity and technology. The festival explores interesting scenarios and touches upon curious future visions. A great way to get some inspiration and catch new perspectives on what is happening in the world of tech and art.

Cabaret festival
This festival is organized by BNNVARA and has brought us many well-known Dutch comedians. During the four days of the event 8 comedians will perform on the stage in the Leidse Schouwburg. It is the perfect moment to have a laugh and enjoy upcoming Dutch comedians, or participate as comedian and participate in a few workshops to ‘improve’ your elevator pitches.

Other festivals or events:

TNW 2020
Also know as ‘The Next Web’, is an organisation that next to a tech related website organizes multiple large events throughout the year. In the summer, they will organize Europe’s leading tech festival with many well known speakers. It all sounds amazing, which it is, but remember that tickets are very expensive!

Museumnacht Maastricht
The night where one ticket grands you acces to 13 different venues, which display many different types of art. The exposition range from interesting installations to emotional video-art. All in all, a very useful visit for both artistic people and young designers seeking for inspiration.

Whisky festival: The spirit of Amsterdam
So, you like whisky you say? Not only that, you’re a fan of the atmosphere and the entire setting around it? Great! This yearly festival is an amazing opportunity to explore the world of whisky and other spirits. Delicious treats and (Scottish) Music will enhance your cozy experience in Amsterdam.

Footprints Festival Utrecht
After an amazing first edition last year, this festival explodes once more with very interesting and different types of music. A lot of musical influences from all over the world color this indie music festival into an amazing and joyful experience. This quirky festival will definitely broaden your horizon!

DGTL Amsterdam
DGTL is a musical festival that keeps their sustainable impact in mind. That does not mean that they need to sacrifice on the total experience. On the contrary, this festival is full of new discoveries and inspirational acts. They do not only provide a stage for well know artists, but also for beginning performers.

Sonic arts festival
Three days of audio-visual and performative arts fill places such as Paradiso, De brakke Grond, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and OT301. These though provoking showcases are the place to be when you are interested in not only these types of art, but also programs consisting of live cinema, experimental concerts and progressive club nights. All in all, an artsy festival for everyone who likes to explore a bit.

Cover photo: by Jonas Denil on Unsplash

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