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Spring Festivals

You might have taken a look at the last two pages of the 39th UNID magazine and thought: what am I supposed to do? That’s okay, we recommended six fun (and lesser well known) festivals for you to visit this spring. This web-article will build further on that list for more inspiration!

Stephan Wensveen, Director of Education

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Stephan Wensveen, Director of Education

Why did Stephan Wensveen not become a professional surfer? Welcome to the third episode of the UNID.podcast! Jori will talk with Stephan Wensveen, the director of education for Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. Stephan studied Industrial Design at the TU Delft and since 2002 he works at the TU Eindhoven.

Vim at DemoDay


UNID Talk: Get ready for DemoDay!

Are you ready for DemoDay? DemoDay is one of the most important days for the Industrial Design students at the TU Eindhoven. This day they show their work, which they have been working on for 16 weeks.

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Humans of TU/e

We all pick out some clothes and a pair of shoes each day. However, some people try to go that extra mile to have their own style. On the other hand some people have their entire own style without even knowing it or taking any effort. In humans of TU/e we visually explore some of the styles on the campus.

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The constant question of art versus design

Text: Emily van Leemput Media: Bart Bolluijt Located in Natlab at Strijp-S: Baltan Laboratories – a lab that works on the crossroads of art, design, science, and technology. As stated on their website, “the lab functions as a collaborative mindset and network, connecting curious …

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Guiltfree consumption

I failed. I didn’t need that product. Why do I have it? How did they sell it to me? Are these recognizable questions? Well, let’s talk about guilt.

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Problems nowadays, have a bad reputation in generation snowflake. I think you’re always going to have problems, that is life. Deal with it! What is life of a delusional place without problems? What you can choose is that the problems you will have.

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MycoSole: a sustainable footwear

Where most people see fungus as something nasty, Henrik de Goffau took a different approach during his Final Bachelor Project. He chose mycelium, the network of fibers of a fungus, as central material for his project. How did he come to this unusual approach?

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