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Fuel for the Future | Team SOLID

Team Solid is a student team that wants to improve the world, by creating a new sort of fuel. They believe that a circular process might be the answer to reduce CO2 emission. The mission is to make big industries or the maritime transport sector more sustainable.


Filtered by Design | UNID from HOME #3

In today’s podcast, Yvonne and Jori discuss the current situation around face masks in The Netherlands and they share 3 experts, in the field of design, who started their own initiatives to make better facemasks.

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Lightyear One – the car of the future?

The Lightyear One is the first car of the company Lightyear. It is an electric car that is charged by sunlight. You might say that many electric cars nowadays are charged by sunlight. But this car has its own solar panels integrated into the roof and hood. This car is a fundamental change in how we use energy for transportation.

Web exclusives

IDE in Twente

You always hear a lot about the Delft University of Technology, but there is another university with the study Industrial Design Engineering (IDE): the University of Twente, in Enschede. Kurt is a student IDE at the University of Twente and he is going to tell you some things about the study and their study association. With the help of ID student Isabel, they will make comparisons with ID at the TU/e.


UNID Talk: The Career Expo

Are you ready for the next step? Looking for a job could be hard when you are finished with your studies. What are the possibilities and what is something you might like?


UNID Talk: are you PDP ready?

Ever written a Personal Development Plan (PDP) before? Or are you already an expert when it comes to writing down SMART goals? In today’s podcast, Yvonne will be talking with Jasmijn and Naomi about their experiences with writing a PDP.


Brand Identity with Immanuel Vivi Tula

In today’s podcast, Vimukthi will talk with Immanuel Vivi Tula about brand and designer identity and its importance. But also how to create one. Immanuel works at Bureau Rust where they help brands redefining their brand identity.

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