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Growing Patterns

It started with a walk across the campus looking for inspiration in nature. By the end of the semester Iris, Noa, Katelijn and Kamile found themselves building a lab setting and growing bacteria. How this design research project inspired by biomimicry unravel during one semester and even continue after?

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Three Stripes: an internship at Adidas

Arriving in a jacket of the sports giant Adidas, it is soon clear what the topic of this conversation will be, ‘It’s a coincidence!’ she laughs. Lisanne van der Leijsen did her internship at the Adidas headquarters in Germany. It triggers my curiosity into how she got this much-coveted internship spot and what the experience was like.

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From Math to Material

Draw a line. Another one. Extrude. Chamfer. Load it up. Get some food. By the time you are done eating, the 3D printer is also done. You are now holding a physical expression of your own creativity. For this deep dive in 3D drawing software, we talked to Orlando Sardaro, the founder of Design8. They provide 3D drawing software specifically for designers.

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Realizing futuristic realities

Curious to discover the future of live acts, performances and music and situated in a tech-focused region, pop venue the Effenaar initiated Smart Venue. As part of Smart Venue, Effenaar collaborates with many partners on projects exploring new technologies.

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Introducing Team CASA

A group of students, at this university, are designing, engineering and building a pioneering concept house for social housing in the Netherlands

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Designing Development

Sitting on Strijp-S, enjoying the sun on a February afternoon, we find ourselves discussing design with Meike Fleskens. For the past five years, beginning in the start-up phase, she has been working at Manus VR.