Brand Identity with Immanuel Vivi Tula

Host: Vimukthi Gunatilleke Guest: Immanuel Vivi Tula

At the department, students are asked to think of their professional identity and vision. Students often dread these assignments and most do them for the sake of having them done, the assignments do not fit them or their usefulness is underestimated (of course there are exceptions). But what is the importance of an identity for a designer? Can we compare it with the identity of a brand?

In today’s podcast, Vim will talk with Immanuel Vivi Tula about brand and designer identity and its importance. But also how to create one. Immanuel works at Bureau Rust where they help brands redefining their brand identity. 

What is important if you want to have a strong identity? Listen about that and much more surrounding the subject in the latest UNID Podcast!

We would like to thank Immanuel for being our guest on today’s podcast and sharing his knowledge about brand and designer identities.


Produced by: Yvonne Bruin, Vimukthi Gunatilleke, Diede van Marle & Roos Vlaar
Hosted by: Vimukthi Gunatilleke
Edited by: Vimukthi Gunatilleke

Image resources: Diede van Marle

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