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Fuel for the Future | Team SOLID

Team SOLID is a student team that wants to improve the world, by creating a new sort of fuel. They believe that a circular process might be the answer to reduce CO2 emission. The mission is to make big industries, like the electricity and heat-producing industries or the maritime transport sector, more sustainable. Students from the TU/e and Fontys work together to realize this dream. The team consists out of 32 motivated and passionate students. Although it is not an easy task, these students are determined to improve the Iron fuel and make it ready to be put on the market.  

But how does a team like that work? SOLID consists out of 5 sub-teams, each with their own task that supports the common goal. These 5 teams are; Marketing, Business, Technical, HR, and Finance. Students join these teams to gain interesting skills as each team shows different challenges. It is not necessary however to have any previous experience. Within Team SOLID, you learn on the job. Being surrounded by motivated people, it is easy to set personal goals and work on improving your skills. Especially the marketing team is interesting for Industrial Design Students, to use and develop their skills. It focusses on promoting Team SOLID. Being a member of the marketing team allows for opportunities to work on your graphic design skills as well as organizing events and making sure that the mission of Team SOLID is communicated well towards the outside world. This can be done in various ways. Making videos, writing articles, or thinking about how to organize an event to promote and demonstrate the fuel cycle. 

Every Wednesday the team has their team night. This is both interesting and a lot of fun. They start with eating together and updating each other on their sub-teams activities. Then they have interesting activities to improve their skills. Right now the team is working on 4 projects. These projects are all aimed at improving the fuel cycle. One of them is trying to build the system on a bigger scale then they were able to do so before. Another one is trying to fuel a boat. These projects are steps in making the cycle ready for the market. 

You might wonder by now, how does this fuel cycle work? The word cycle gives it away a little, but the technique is based on a circular principle. Iron powder is used as a medium to store energy. If Iron fuel is burned it forms iron oxide, also known as rust. When burning this Iron fuel a huge amount of thermal energy is released, this energy can be used in industrial processes. The iron oxide that is created is a SOLID material and can, therefore, be captured and stored. Green hydrogen offers the solution to make the process circular, if you combine it with the iron oxide it is possible to create flammable iron fuel again. This process still needs to be improved so that it will be usable on a large scale. Are you interested to be a part of Team SOLID? You can reach out via their social media or apply via their website: https://teamsolid.org/

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