Finding meaning in your work and life with Erik Roebroek | UNID Podcast

Hosts: Jori van der Kolk & Bas Vink Guest: Erik Roebroek

Do you need more coffee on Mondays? Then this podcast is for you.

Why did former TU/e student Erik Roebroek move from working as an Engineer for Vanderlande, to founding Meaningful Work. He helps people to rethink their careers: from focus on profit and growth towards added value and employee happiness and from classical boring offices towards engaged and inspired work environments.

Erik gave the Studium Generale workshop Student happiness in Corona times when Lockdown 1 was in full swing. Through the Teams session back in June Erik told us he could not give us the perfect recipe for meaningful work on a piece of paper. That is why we went to Strijp-S to meet him in person. 

That is a joke btw. There is no clear recipe for meaningful work. 

For more information seeĀ www.meaningfulwork.eu


Produced by: Jori van der Kolk & Bas Vink
Edited by: Jori van der Kolk

Image resources: Erik Roebroek

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