Filtered by Design | UNID from HOME #3

Hosts: Yvonne Bruin & Jori van der Kolk Guests: LABELEDBY., Marina Toeters & Iris Bekkers

From the first of June, you are required to wear a facemask if you use public transport in the Netherlands. Until last week the Dutch government and RIVM, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment advised against wearing a facemask. Due to the easing of the intelligent lockdown, face masks are accepted and even demanded in some situations.

But wearing a face mask might feel weird and people might look at you differently. In today’s podcast, Yvonne and Jori discuss the current situation around face masks in The Netherlands and they share 3 experts, in the field of design, who started their own initiatives to make better facemasks. Medical masks as well as masks for the rest of society.

Have fun listening!

Find Iris Bekkers’ work on Instagram. If you are able to help her with funding/development? Please send an email to i.a.m.bekkers@student.tue.nl. 

To get in touch with Marina Toeters, mail to m.j.toeters@tue.nl. 

Find LABELEDBY. on Instagram and on labeledby.com.


Produced by: Yvonne Bruin & Jori van der Kolk
Hosted by: Yvonne Bruin & Jori van der Kolk 
Edited by: Jori van der Kolk

Music from: Artlist.io

Cover image provided by: The FashionFilter