UNID magazine is a design magazine brought to you two times a year in print and online with articles ranging from extensive interviews with designers and opinionated articles to research pieces. On our website, we publish regular web-exclusive articles, podcasts, and videos. UNID is made by Industrial Design students from Lucid at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Our goal is to inspire students of design inside and outside our department by providing them a wide range of content about the field of design and the people who work inside it. The committee simulates a professional editorial office where teams of writers, graphic designers, media designers, and pr work together to realize a high-quality magazine.

Lucid is the study association that supports the Industrial Design students at the Eindhoven University of Technology in their studies. Lucid organizes activities focussed on education, career, and leisure. Ranging from workshops, creative activities, brainstorms, excursions, parties and much more, Lucid is practically up for anything! It is our goal to support as many members as possible. Therefore, we are in contact and collaborate with experts in our department, alumni of Industrial Design and a wide range of companies.

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