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From the street to the canvas

We took our tape recorder to Woensel, which is located in the far north of Eindhoven. This is where the 20-year-old mixed media artist Stijn van Leest lives together with his dad and sister.

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Maarten is seen as one of the most influential Dutch Designers of the 21ste century so far. His work can be described as rebellious, humorous, intellectual, theatrical, and artistic.

Magazine articles


Attention: The following content has been stripped off of shine and glitter and will not make you feel better about yourself. It’s okay, it doesn’t make the writers feel better either. Today’s mood is #woke. Viewer discretion is advised.

Magazine articles


“Our current society sees clothes as a ‘disposable’; –
designed to be used once and then thrown way. I think we
should be able to do this differently”.

Magazine articles


Matt Benedetto runs an Instagram page where he displays designs that are out of the ordinary and
pretty much useless. But in some way, the uselessness is still useful.

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University Rebellion NL consists of students, academics and university staff. They urge Dutch universities to take responsibility for utilizing their agency in the climate and ecological crises

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