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By informing, inspiring, and connecting students, professionals, and researchers we believe that we can develop the brightest solutions and ideas. Solving an issue that affects us all can only be done if we work together, so if you want to help then joining Team Energy is what you are looking for!

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Circular Design at Ideaology

Circular design and sustainability are merely greenwashing projects in reality. Such projects seem sustainable but miss impact and are thus mostly a great marketing story. So, what does circularity mean and how can designers contribute to circularity?


Takeaway #4 | The Picnic Problem

Hosts: Yvonne Bruin & Jori van der Kolk Guests: Mathias Funk & Regina Bernhaupt After weeks of rain, the sun is finally out. But with this nice weather come new design problems to fix, namely problems that arise during a picnic. How do you …


History of Adobe

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign; we as industrial designers have used at least one of these Adobe programs throughout our studies. Some have stayed at the basics, some have developed great skills. Regardless the level of expertise you have, one thing we do have in common: …

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Identity Crisis?!

Dealing with your identity crisis At least once in your life you might experience it: an identity crisis. From personal experience, during my bachelor of Industrial Design I doubted a lot about what I was doing and where I was going. The questions I …

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How to add sustainability to design projects

When people think about sustainability in design projects the first thing that often comes to mind is materials. The sustainable use or re-use of materials is often seen as the way to go. There are however multiple ways to explore sustainability in a design …

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The future of… IoT

From the day you set your first steps on campus as an Industrial Design student, to the day you leave you’ll be surrounded by the intriguing phenomenon that is the Internet of Things.


Takeaway #3 | The coffee ritual problem

Yvonne and Jori discuss coffee rituals and not being able to go out and have a coffee somewhere. They discuss the problem with two professors, Kristina Andersen and Lu Yen. Tune in to find out what they had to say about this month’s design challenge.

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