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Robots for Social Care

Emilia Barakova is an Assistant Professor of Socially Intelligent Systems within this faculty with her research centering around social robots. We discussed insights regarding her career, research and the future of robots in social care. Emilia is an expert in the field of embodied social interaction with, and through, technology and particularly focuses on user groups that have special needs or experience social isolation.

Magazine articles

Growing Patterns

It started with a walk across the campus looking for inspiration in nature. By the end of the semester Iris, Noa, Katelijn and Kamile found themselves building a lab setting and growing bacteria. How this design research project inspired by biomimicry unravel during one semester and even continue after?

Magazine articles

Three Stripes: an internship at Adidas

Arriving in a jacket of the sports giant Adidas, it is soon clear what the topic of this conversation will be, ‘It’s a coincidence!’ she laughs. Lisanne van der Leijsen did her internship at the Adidas headquarters in Germany. It triggers my curiosity into how she got this much-coveted internship spot and what the experience was like.