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Promoting diversity in 2021

Although most of us have spent 2020 for the largest part locked indoors because of a global pandemic, 2020 has been an eventful year nonetheless. One of which has been a human rights movement that has been felt all over the globe. Namely the uprising against racial injustice.

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Design Fails

Read: 5 min Within the ID department, students have quite some opportunities to learn about and practice within the expertise area of business and entrepreneurship. However, with all the knowledge and skills in the world, some designs simply do not become a success when …

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Waste = Food

Many of us Designers say we want to be sustainable. It is a recurring value of many young Designers. We even consider it a must in today’s society. Sustainability has become a trend. But how can we be sustainable as Designers and how can we design for sustainability?

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Design in F1

Read: 5 min Intro This year’s F1 season will end this weekend. So this is a perfect moment to talk about design in F1. If you are into cars and design, then this is a read for you. We asked self-proclaimed F1-experts Niels Maas …

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University Rebellion NL consists of students, academics and university staff. They urge Dutch universities to take responsibility for utilizing their agency in the climate and ecological crises

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Drone to the rescue | Blue Jay

At Blue Jay, interaction design is more then app building, which might be the first thing that comes to mind. The team is responsible for everything related to the interaction with the drone which means testing, prototyping and implementing of both hardware and software. For this, the team works together with the other teams at Blue Jay.

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Fuel for the Future | Team SOLID

Team Solid is a student team that wants to improve the world, by creating a new sort of fuel. They believe that a circular process might be the answer to reduce CO2 emission. The mission is to make big industries or the maritime transport sector more sustainable.

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Lightyear One – the car of the future?

The Lightyear One is the first car of the company Lightyear. It is an electric car that is charged by sunlight. You might say that many electric cars nowadays are charged by sunlight. But this car has its own solar panels integrated into the roof and hood. This car is a fundamental change in how we use energy for transportation.