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The Elephants Rugby Team

ESCR The Elephants is Eindhoven’s very own student rugby association. It’s a small club, consisting of two men teams and a ladies team, and it’s a tight-knit group of friends. I spoke with Harm Campmans and Hendrik de Pecker about what it’s like to be part of the Elephants.


Explorer + Creator: Jamie Hyneman

He seeks risks and adventure, being attracted to challenges and adrenaline. He is mainly known from the fourteen years he hosted the television series Mythbusters and his never changing appearance. We talked to him about the role of technology in the future. Are we going to end up in a utopia where technology and humans live side by side like a happy couple or are we standing at the beginning of a spiral that goes down and ends in a catastrophe?


Skulls, Skates & Graphic Skills

Imagine surrealistic illustrations featuring Eindhoven buildings and an interesting set of colours. It might look a bit like the background of this article, which was made in collaboration with graphical designer Rik Stabel (@rkstbl on Instagram). He also provided us with various insights, inspirations and an interesting conversation.


Realizing futuristic realities

Curious to discover the future of live acts, performances and music and situated in a tech-focused region, pop venue the Effenaar initiated Smart Venue. As part of Smart Venue, Effenaar collaborates with many partners on projects exploring new technologies.