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MycoSole: a sustainable footwear

Where most people see fungus as something nasty, Henrik de Goffau took a different approach during his Final Bachelor Project. He chose mycelium, the network of fibers of a fungus, as central material for his project. How did he come to this unusual approach?


Growing Patterns

It started with a walk across the campus looking for inspiration in nature. By the end of the semester Iris, Noa, Katelijn and Kamile found themselves building a lab setting and growing bacteria. How this design research project inspired by biomimicry unravel during one semester and even continue after?


Three Stripes: an internship at Adidas

Arriving in a jacket of the sports giant Adidas, it is soon clear what the topic of this conversation will be, ‘It’s a coincidence!’ she laughs. Lisanne van der Leijsen did her internship at the Adidas headquarters in Germany. It triggers my curiosity into how she got this much-coveted internship spot and what the experience was like.