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Sound Design at Impulse Audio Lab

Jasper de Kruiff is the co-founder and interactive sound designer of Impulse Audio Lab – a startup company based in Munich, Germany. He chose to do his final master project at BMW AG. This article explores his work as sound designer.


Robots for Social Care

Emilia Barakova is an Assistant Professor of Socially Intelligent Systems within this faculty with her research centering around social robots. We discussed insights regarding her career, research and the future of robots in social care. Emilia is an expert in the field of embodied social interaction with, and through, technology and particularly focuses on user groups that have special needs or experience social isolation.


From Math to Material

Draw a line. Another one. Extrude. Chamfer. Load it up. Get some food. By the time you are done eating, the 3D printer is also done. You are now holding a physical expression of your own creativity. For this deep dive in 3D drawing software, we talked to Orlando Sardaro, the founder of Design8. They provide 3D drawing software specifically for designers.


Designing Development

Sitting on Strijp-S, enjoying the sun on a February afternoon, we find ourselves discussing design with Meike Fleskens. For the past five years, beginning in the start-up phase, she has been working at Manus VR.